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About Us

VPAC founded in 2002, VPAC is a nationally recognized mechanical engineering Installation and services of Air condition, PID duct and  fire protection systems for commercial and industrial market

VPAC has many engineering professionals with expertise Our Facilities Engineering Division offers wide-ranging decision support services in the areas of Air condition, PID duct and  fire protection systems.

Our service delivery is based on the following philosophy: Quality is built into a project continuously at each step by everyone successful with the project.



VPAC 's mission is to earn the trust and respect of all client organizations by providing innovative, effective and successful business solutions.

VPAC will be guided by the following principles and ideals :

  • VPAC's actions are guided by that which is in the best interest of the client.
  • VPAC's goal is to satisfy the needs of the client. Success manifests our existence.
  • VPAC's commitment to quality and relentless pursuit of excellence will lead each and every member of the firm to pursue successful professional and personal performance



“We will deliver the best work to the customer in time with appreciated by our client”.



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